Reusable and Environmentally Friendly masks

Many businesses are suffering during this time and as a result employees are not getting the assistance they need. We have partnered with a local clothing factory to assist them in pivoting their business from making clothing to making Reusable COVID-19 Face Masks made from fabric. In addition to the employees keeping their jobs, we have also started an initiative to assist the factory in supporting their in-house clinics at their factory for their employees. These in-house clinics allow employees to get medication and get medical consultations for free. A portion of each unit sold will be donated to the Factory Employee Clinic Fund. So when you buy, you donate! 

Our masks are Environmentally Friendly, lightweight, breathable, and soft on your face fabric for all-day comfort. They can be branded with your company logo and colours. 

Durable to last years with normal wear and cleaning. With every purchase we donate a portion to the Factory Employee Clinic Fund.


They come in 4 different sizes: S,M,L & XL.


The masks are designed using a lightweight, thick fabric layer with inner lining that will keep you from touching your nose and mouth and getting infected from germs on your hands. It will keep you from coughing or sneezing infected respiratory droplets onto your hands or other surfaces. Protect your nose and mouth from large infected respiratory droplets from other people’s cough or sneeze. The quality of this mask is like having 4 layers with the lightness of 2.


Sterilize your mask in a washing machine like washing your clothes. You can use household cleaning products and disinfectant wipes or soap and hot water. 


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